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perioPeriodontal Surgeries In Jackson Heights NY

Periodontal disease begins quietly with chronic inflammation brought on by the presence of dental plaque in the mouth. Left untreated, the inflammation will soon give rise to the detachment of the gum tissue, the periodontal ligament and bone structures from the teeth, forming void pockets around the teeth. This breakdown ultimately causes bone and periodontal tissue destruction; for the most part the detached gum tissues either recede or remain as a detached curtain around the teeth, with tooth loss soon to follow.


Periodontal surgery is designed to restore and regenerate normal form and function to these lost and damaged periodontal structures. It isn\'t a cure, but rather an adjunct toward making long-term treatment outcomes more favorable. Unlike surgery to take out an inflamed appendix - which removes the disease with it - the potential for recurrence of periodontal disease still remains in susceptible individuals. The long-term goal of periodontal surgery is to increase the life expectancy of the teeth.

The best long-term treatment for periodontal disease is to control its cause, microbial dental plaque. The "art" of periodontal surgery seeks to undo the lack or failure of preventative care by treating deformities and tissue loss created by the disease process. The surgeon first eliminates "pockets" of diseased tissue, and then sets the stage for reconstruction and regeneration of periodontal tissues. The end goal, then, is an environment more conducive to daily oral hygiene and professional maintenance care...

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